They Chose Me

Cast of They Chose Me:

Please email the following information:

Full Name:
E-Mail Address:
Phone Number:
Home City:
Parents Name(s):
Parents Phone Number(s):
Parents Email Address:

Please email your headshot to by Monday, August 26th.

Also, please go to this website: and fill out the first 3 forms in it IN PAPER. Do not use the online templates. Well wishes are due to Tristan by Thursday, September 5th.

First Company Meeting will be Tuesday, August 27th at 5:30pm. Please have all paperwork ready to turn in at that time.

Joycelin will be out of town beginning Tuesday, August 27th and will not return until Thursday, September 5th. If you have any questions or concerns during that time, please direct them to Tristan. Email: or cell: 602-733-3366.

Katerina Anderson Nancy
Owen Brady Jimmy
Kylan Chait Marcus
Owen Donsker Brett
Paolina Duran Laura
Olivia Fearey Sharla
Shaylee Flanagan Eve
Gabby Grasso Kay
Leonidas Karandreas Carl
Lainey Kenly Sue
Savannah LeNguyen Mei Ling
Kendall Luther Penny
Brooklyn Martin Gail
Nathaniel McNamara Ivan
Sage Mitchell Patty
Erin Schumacher Sarah
Ava Silvernail Lily
Kayla Trevino Manuela
Sydney Vance Debra
Javen Wagner Sammy
Kate Williams Jane

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