Cast Member Questionnaire

As you want it to appear in the playbill

What are the most recent VYT Shows you were in and which roles did you play?

Which other shows were you in and what roles did you play?

If so, please list them here:

Parent(s) Contact Info:

VYT appreciates donations and support from companies throughout the Valley. If your company has a matching gift program, please let us know. Contact Deb Bacorn at

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Throughout the preparation and run of your production, VYT will promote the show and its cast members through advertising, public relations and social media. So we can tag you and make sure you see what we post, we ask Cast Members and their families to do the following:

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If not, please do so right away.

We will work on your behalf with the media. In order to do so, please help us prepare your quotes by answering the following questions:

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