Cast List- Sleeping Beauty

We had a great turnout for the auditions of this show and it was truly so hard to pair this group down. Thank you all so much for the time and talent you dedicated to this audition. If you were not cast, please come audition with us again in the future and don't give up!


Princess: Sophie Specter
Prince: Miguel Jose Maldonado Chapman Jr.
Barbel: Gianna Arrighi
Queen Fairy: Nina Honsberger
1st Fairy: Ava Petri
2nd Fairy: Ava Morgan
King: James Nesbitt
Queen: Gabriella Grasso
Jester: Neeya Nuez
Cook: Luke Chester
Cook’s Boy: Shaun Davis
Emilia: Parker Pitt
1st Lady: Gracie Palmer
2nd Lady: Petra Milan Danek
Lords: Lucy Glow
          Oliver Christie
          Tayson Toledo
Dancing Lady: Ruby Crogan
Pages:  Jacquelyn Fuchs
           Chloe Minaker

First Company Meeting will be on Wednesday, December 21st at 5:30PM. All cast members must be accompanied by a parent/adult representative for the meeting which will last between an hour to an hour and a half. A readthrough will be announced soon. A schedule and paperwork will be distributed soon, so keep an eye on your email! Congratulations to all and please email Morgan at if you have any questions

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