Audition and Casting FAQs


Why should I audition for a VYT production?

VYT auditions are open to all young people. VYT performers don’t have to rent or purchase costumes and there are no requirements for them to sell tickets. They also aren’t required to have any previous theatrical experience or formal training. We just strive to recognize each child’s potential and to match their talent and skill level with the needs of each role. That means, our open casting gives every child in the Valley an opportunity to participate in our shows – regardless of their backgrounds.

How old should I be to audition for VYT?

Typically, because they need to read and memorize lines, main stage performers are at least 7 and not more than 19 years old. Younger people aspiring to the stage are encouraged to consider our performing arts camps and classes. Sometimes, however, due to the nature of a production, there are age restrictions and those will be noted in the show's audition notice.

How do I audition for VYT?

Valley Youth Theatre holds 100% open auditions throughout the year on a show-by-show basis. All you need to do is show up with the items listed in the next question and follow these tips:

  • Pick the show or shows for which you want to audition.

  • Pick the day that works for you and audition at our theatre.

  • You only need to be at one of the audition days.

  • Doors open at approximately 3:30 pm for registration, unless otherwise noted.

  • Auditions begin at approximately 4:00 pm and are conducted in a small group format.

  • Parents are asked to remain with their child through the introductory talk at 4:00 pm.

Audition Location:
Valley Youth Theatre
525 North First Street
On the Southeast Corner of First Street & Fillmore, in Downtown Phoenix

The VYT parking lot is permit parking only. Public paid parking is available in the lot on the north west corner of 1st St and Fillmore and at meters surrounding the theatre. Please plan accordingly.

What do I need to be prepared for auditions?

  1. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AN AUDITION FORM. Please note that ALL potential conflicts must be given to the stage manager and director no later than callbacks, preferably at the auditions.

  2. Headshot (does not need to be a professional head shot, but must be clear)

  3. Performing Arts Resume (if you have one)

  4. VYT has five musicals and one straight play every season.

  5. For musicals, we want to hear you sing! Be prepared with a song.

  6. We will provide an accompanist, but you must provide your own sheet music.

  7. Other accompaniment options: You can bring a CD (we will have a CD player available) or you can provide an MP3 player.

  8. You may prepare anything from 16 bars to an entire song. The director/musical director will let you know when to stop singing if you have prepared a longer selection. 

  9. You will be provided with a side when you check in.

  10. Dress to move in appropriate attire to dance.  Do not wear sandals or skirts.  If you choose to bring a change of clothes, changing areas will be provided to do so.  Also, we recommend you bring a bottle of water to remain hydrated and energized.  Remember, the key to a great performing arts audition is being prepared!

For non-musicals, neither singing nor a prepared monologue is required. You will be provided with a side when you check in.

What happens after auditions?

  • VYT will notify you via this website under the “Audition” tab if you have received a "callback."  

  • You will be given a day and time to return to the theatre.

  • In small groups, you will be asked to read scenes, sing and possibly learn a dance.

  • Callback attire is the same as audition attire. Dress to move; do not wear sandals or skirts.  If you choose to bring a change of clothes, changing areas will be provided

  • Bring a bottle of water to remain hydrated and energized.  

Please do not be discouraged if you are not called back! Often, we simply don't have enough parts for the many people who audition, and auditioning is a matching process.  It is important that we carefully match individual actors with scripted characters that have specific qualities envisioned by the playwright. Don't give up!  Remember: Auditioning takes practice, too!  The more you audition, the more comfortable you will be, and the more you will learn.

What are the expectations if I am cast in a VYT show?

Once cast, you must email a digital head shot to, and bring completed cast paperwork for first company meeting (All cast members and parents are required to attend).

You are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals. Rehearsals are generally Monday through Thursday evenings and most of the day on Saturdays, beginning as early as the week of callbacks. The weekend before the show opens is the beginning of tech week and Saturday and Sunday are 8- to 14-hour days.

Because Valley Youth Theatre does not charge a fee for young people to participate in our mainstage productions, parents are required to volunteer by helping with set and costume construction, and front of house during the run of the show.

Note: Show titles, audition & rehearsal dates & times are subject to change.  For a list of upcoming audition dates and info, CLICK HERE.

For more information about auditions email the Production Stage Manager at


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