Annie Audition Page

Below is the proposed cast for Annie.

If you accept your part, please email the following information:

Full Name:
Actor E-Mail:
Actor Phone:
Full Address (including city, state, and zip):
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name(s):
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Phone(s):
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) E-Mail(s):

If you do not accept, please email and let Joycelin know. First company meeting will be May 1st. Please watch the call board as first rehearsal will be Wednesday, April 25th.

Allie Angus Ensemble/Star to Be-TBA
Meredith Arends Gertrude
Isabella Conner Lily St. Regis
Raymond Cusick Bert Healey
Olivia Fearey July
Aleah Garcia Virginia
Grace Henderson Ensemble/Perkins-TBA
Makenna Jacobs TBA
Owen Kelly TBA
Anand Khalsa Franklin D. Roosevelt
Stephanie Larson Ensemble/Boylan Sister-TBA
Savannah LeNguyen Talli
Caitlyn Martinez TBA
Mia McFarland Annie
Maxwell Mendoza TBA
Anna Mettes Ensemble/Boylan Sister-TBA
Maddie Miller Abigail
Sage Mitchell Paulette
Vivian  Nichols Kate
Caitlin Pena TBA
Sophia Ream TBA
Tori Richter TBA
Carson Roubison TBA
Rachel Schumacher TBA
Margaret  Sharp Ensemble/Boylan Sister-TBA
Alex  Silver TBA
Prescott Smidt TBA
Olivia Smith Grace Farrell
Marinna Syms Pepper
Matthew  Syms TBA
Kayla Trevino Duffy
Justin  Vaught TBA
Faith Wheelington TBA
Kate Williams Molly
Samantha Zell Tessie