Classes and Camps


“What a fabulous experience the musical theatre camp was for my daughter. She came home absolutely beaming every day.  The mix of instruction and rehearsal/production experience was wonderful and we were so impressed with the performance the kids put on at the end.  Really great job and a big THANKS to all involved.  We will definitely be returning next year!”

-- Kim M.


“I want to tell you all what a great job I think you do running the camp.  This is my daughter’s 3rd summer, and last summer’s Jungle Book production was so fun.  As a parent, it is so important to feel confident about the places we send our children, and I think you do a really wonderful job.”

-- Kristen


“Thank you very much for giving my daughter the opportunity to participate in VYT's program.  I know she enjoyed it very much, made some amazing friends she otherwise would not have been able to make, and was able to take advantage of a learning experience she will treasure for a lifetime. She also stated that she would like to come back next year and possibly even intern.” 

-- Mark M.


“Thanks to you and the rest of the staff and interns, my daughter had a really great summer. I think you did an excellent job of incorporating all the kids into this summer's show. I know it took a lot of time on your part to make sure they were each given a chance to shine. And the choreographer did a wonderful job as well. It was a fun show to watch and very well put together. Congrats to you all!” 

-- Linda B. 


“My daughter absolutely loved theater camp, a little to her surprise, and already is talking about going back next summer.  Her little sister loved the Summer Playhouse also, especially the staff you have – they are wonderful! Thanks for everything!” 

-- Angela B. 


“Thanks for a fantastic camp.  Everyone is great.  Amelia has something wonderful to say or show us every day.

We are so glad we found VYT.” 

-- Wendy P. 


“Thank YOU and your staff for offering such wonderful classes. My daughter took Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions and she is looking forward to Summer Camp. She has really thrived and grown so much through these classes. Most of all, she has had so much fun. She absolutely loves it.  

We've loved all the showcases, but this one especially. All her parts - from Timon, to Flounder, to a really happy townsperson in these songs from The Music Man, have been so much fun for her.  She loves the variety and how she learns new material each time. She has really learned how to sing as part of an ensemble, project her voice, and associate movements with the lyrics.” 

-- Teresa S.  


“Thanking you all once again for your generosity throughout the year. 

I also want to say that I appreciate all the work you do with these kids, especially my daughter. I see how enthusiastic she is to attend class. I love watching her perform and seeing the progress.  

She looked so adorable in the rabbit costume. I can't believe that is her up on the stage sometimes. I always recognize the shoes, though.

Our summer plans are in a holding pattern, since older sister is heading off to college this summer. But we are looking forward, enthusiastically to the fall.

With gratitude and well wishes for a great summer.” 

-- Lydia L. 


“Thank You So Very Much! We were able to witness our son’s growth in confidence and self esteem.  We believe it is a wonderful opportunity for him and he is still excited!  We will apply online for the fall session.” 

-- Joe and Donna D. 


“I wanted to thank the staff at VYT for the wonderful theatre camp you provide. My daughter absolutely loved it and learned many great theatre lessons and life lessons. She was beaming on stage and thoroughly enjoyed the production. She is already talking about next year’s camp! 

As far as a working parent, I want to thank you for the great organization you provided. Every procedure and happenings was well addressed and planned out. This made everything so easy and enjoyable. This experience has really made my daughter want to pursue theater more than ever. Thank you for the great experience from your exceptional staff! My daughter loved working with you and really took to heart the advice you gave her. We look forward to next summer.” 

-- Amy E.  


“My daughter has had an AMAZING time at camp this summer - so a big ‘thank you’ to you and everyone else that makes this happen.She's always been a little shy, but I can already see her opening up and challenging herself - finding her inner voice.   As a parent, nothing makes me happier. :))” 

-- David S.   


“My son had a fantastic time again this year. He was all over me to check the audition schedule; he is determined to be in a ‘main stage’ show this year. He was over the edge when he saw it was How I Became a Pirate - one of his favorite books.” 

-- Marthajane V. 


Thank you Lauren for all you do – this summer was an amazing experience for Sabrina.  I watched my daughter grow and become more confident and excited about the theater.  She would like to be an intern next summer for the Musical Theatre Summer Camp during the July 8-August 2nd session – Thanks again, I am always sharing what a great camp you have with everyone I meet.” 

-- Leslie F. 


“My daughter was in the All Star Summer Playhouse this summer. We loved the experience and will be back next summer! It was her favorite camp this summer. We're also going to be looking for a class to register for over the school year.” 

-- Ann J.