Little Women

Actors and Parents must check this website as well as their email on a daily basis for important announcements and changes to rehearsal schedule.

Any questions or comments, please email Joycelin.

If you are going to be late, please text Joycelin.

Monday, February 19th
6pm - Jo
7:30 - Add Professor
8pm - Release Jo & Professor, Add John Brooke and Meg

Tuesday, February 20th
6pm - All Called
7:30 - Release all except Jo, Beth, Amy, & Meg

Wednesday, February 21st
5pm - Marmee
6pm - Laurie
7pm - Add Beth & Mr. Laurence
7:30 - Add Je, Amy, & Meg
8pm - Release Marmee

Thursday, February 22nd
5pm - Laurie, Aunt March, & Amy
6pm - Release Aunt March, Add Marmee, Meg, & John Brooke
7pm - Release John Brooke, Add Beth, Mr. Laurence
7:30 - Add Jo
8pm - Release Mr. Maurence