The Hobbit Audition Page


Bilbo, one of the most conservative of all Hobbits, is asked to leave his large, roomy and very dry home in the ground in order to set off as chief robber in an attempt to recover an important treasure. It's the last thing that any sensitive Hobbit would want to do, but great benefit eventually results—not only for Bilbo but for all of the Hobbits who inhabit Middle Earth—and the hearts of those children and adults who continue to enjoy this kind of magic.    

Auditions will be held: December 5th and 6th

Registration begins at 3:30pm, auditions generally begin at 4:15pm.

Performances February 9 – 25, 2018 Including Thursday school shows.

Calendars with specific dates and times will be available to view at auditions.

 Please make sure to bring a head shot and resume along with your audition form that you can download and fill out HERE.

Cast of Characters:

Bilbo Baggins Hobbit: the protagonist of the story. Often torn between his love of the comforts of home and his desire for adventure. He is respectable, loyal, cautious, old-fashioned, somewhat formal in his speech and often nervous. The story reveals his personal discoveries of bravery and friendship.

Gandalf Wizard: teacher, mentor, and protector of Bilbo; directs the dwarves' expedition to reclaim their treasure from Smaug.

Thorin: The leader of the dwarves; strong, ambitious, courageous, a warrior.

Balin, Dwalin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dori, Nori, Ori, Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin: the other twelve dwarves who go with Thorin, Gandalf, and Bilbo on the long journey. Some are brothers, some are younger, some older. All are passionate about the journey, ready to fight and are loyal to each other.

Bert, Tom, and EssieTrolls, crude and rude, they capture the dwarves to roast and eat them.

Great Goblin and the Goblin Warriors: Ugly, wicked creatures who live in a cave in the Misty Mountains. They capture Bilbo and the dwarves. They engage in a losing battle with Gandalf and Thorin.  

Gollum: The slimy creature who guards the mouth of the cave. He talks to himself and challenges Bilbo to twisted game of word puzzles in exchange for information and freedom.

Elf Queen and her Attendants: Queen of the elves who imprisons Thorin and the other dwarves in her dungeon, from which they are rescued by Bilbo. Beautiful, strong and ready for battle. 

SmaugThe dragon who lives underground in the Lonely Mountain, where he keeps watch over the treasure hoard that rightfully belongs to Thorin. Big voice, huge presence, scary and threatening.