Little Women The Musical Audition Page


 Louisa May Alcott’s beloved story of the adventures of the four March sisters is brought to vivid musical life in Little Women. The Civil War is in full swing, and the March sisters -- Meg, the oldest, a romantic, the spirited and tomboyish Jo, sweet and loving Beth, and irascible, playful Amy -- live in Concord, Massachusetts with their Marmee while their father is on the battlefield.

Auditions will be held: January 16th and 17th

Registration begins at 3:30pm, auditions generally begin at 4:15pm.

Performances are April 6th - 22nd including school shows in Thursdays

Calendars with specific dates and times will be available to view at auditions.

Please make sure to have a prepared song. We will have an pianist available as well as a boom box that can play CDs, as well as anything requiring an AUX cord.

Please make sure to bring a head shot and resume along with your audition form that you can download and fill out HERE.

Cast of Characters:

  • Jo March – A passionate young woman. This is her story and her journey. The story centers around her life, from the Christmas that it all started, to the writing of Little Women and her engagement to Professor Bhaer.
  • Laurie (Theodore Laurence III) – The young boy-next-door that is the same age as Jo. He loves Jo dearly during Act One, but quickly is rejected when he proposes. He later travels to Europe and bonds with Amy, with whom he falls in love and marries.
  • Meg – The oldest sister. She yearns for a great life. She marries John Brooke and has twins later in Act II.
  • Amy – The youngest sister with a rather pompous manner, and by that, she rides into society. She marries Laurie in Act II.
  • Beth – The second youngest sister. Unfortunately, she dies of Scarlet Fever in Act II. She is a peace-maker, and always sees the good in everyone.
  • Marmee – The strong mother. She is the backbone of the family. Her songs show how truly trying this is.
  • Mr. John Brooke – Laurie's tutor, a rather stiff man, but capable of showing emotion. He marries Meg.
  • Mr. Laurence – Laurie's grandfather. He is a stiff and stern elderly man, but he eventually shows his softer side and gives Beth his beloved piano that belonged to his daughter who died.
  • Professor Bhaer – A German professor who is quite proper. He is a boarder in Mrs. Kirk's boarding house who falls in love with Jo.
  • Aunt March – A formidable, over-bearing matron and the great-aunt of the March sisters. She is very rich and cares greatly about society, but also, in a stiff way, loves her family.
  • Mrs. Kirk - The owner of Mrs. Kirk's boarding house. Appears in a few scenes.